Ask the Trainer

Have any burning questions to ask our trainer? (Not about their favourite food or where they cut their hair, we mean about technique!) Well come along to this session!

This session is FREE for all JAI members and designed to be an Open Gym self-practice session with a bonus. One of the experienced members of Team JAI will be floating around to answer any questions you have about anything from flying elbows, to sparring combos, holding pads, balance issues, and how to tweak certain movements for more effectiveness or accuracy (KO power).

You can come with a friend to practice your pad work or sparring (please BYO safety gear), or just show up alone to work on the bags, shadow boxing, or find another JAI member to work with. The idea is to work on what our trainer advises you and see improvements in just one session.

    Simplified version of putting on Hand Wraps