Fight Team

Advanced - requires approval
Thai Boxing for fighters

Fight Team

By invitation

JAI’s Fight Team is an invitation-only training squad for individuals who want to put their Muay Thai skills to test in the ring. If you wish to participate in competitive bouts, consult our staff for a recommended training schedule dependent on your experience and level of skills and fitness. A personal fight program including sparring, clinching and combat conditioning with a trainer experienced in fight preparation can be arranged. Please note that those wishing to compete are required to train a minimum of four times a week (this does not include conditioning and fitness training outside of class time).

Fighters are required to participate in general classes to build up speed, power and fitness, as well as the sparring and Fighters-only sessions during the week. They may also be required to stay back for extra conditioning, as well as come in on their own time to make up for training missed.

First-time fighters participate in novice bouts, and may progress to amateur and then professional fights.

Equipment required for fight team training: 16oz Twins sparring gloves, mouthguard and shinguards (can be hired or purchased at JAI)