Fighters - Advanced and Fighters
Thai Boxing - Technique


Advanced (fighters – requires trainers approval)

A class for the fighters. You’re fit, you’re strong, you’re technical. Kick Tech is where it all comes together. This class is suitable for people training to fight, or with fight experience.

This class is suitable for students with a good knowledge of Thai Boxing technique, and are comfortable with contact. Unlike our KIK / Power classes, where we encourage our students to go at full-power, Kick Tech classes use movements at approximately 60 – 70% intensity.

Techniques taught by our trainers include boxing, kicking and clinching movements which have proven to be effective and deadly in the ring.  Trainers will pair you with a suitable partner or take you on to show you how it’s done.

So expect plenty of sweat, grit and the need for perseverance. Our trainers will watch over you to fine-tune your punches and kicks to deliver the utmost power . Be warned – we won’t stop pushing you until you’re kicking and punching like a Thai fighter.

All students who wish to train as a fighter must attend sparring sessions. Approval for sparring classes is required from a JAI trainer.

Equipment for fighters required: Mouthguard, hand wraps, 16 oz Twins gloves, mouth guard, shinguards and sweat towel. Steel groin guard is recommended for male students. All above equipment can be ordered through JAI.

    Simplified version of putting on Hand Wraps