Muay Power

Muay Power - Intermediate upwards
Thai Boxing - Cardio

Muay Power (formerly KIK)

Thai Boxing – All levels

Kick, punch and elbow your way to a fitter, leaner and stronger body in this challenging workout. Prepare to sweat as you are guided through high intensity pad-work, punching and kicking drills on the bags, calisthenics and shadow boxing. All workouts are not only effective for self-defence but will also boost your heart rate and adrenaline levels. Muay Power blasts fat, increases fitness, strength and flexibility and burns up to 800 calories per class. So expect plenty of sweat, grit and perseverance. Our trainers will watch over you to fine-tune your punches and kicks to deliver the utmost power. Pick up kicking, elbow and punching combos that are just as effective on the street as they are in the ring. And just when you think it’s over, you’ll hit the mat for push ups and crunches. Be warned – we won’t stop pushing you until you’re kicking and punching like a Thai fighter.

We can accommodate most fitness levels – simply inform the trainer prior to class if you are new to exercise or have any special requirements.

Equipment required: Hand wraps, gloves and sweat towel