Muay Freestyle

Muay Freestyle is designed to be a traditional-style Muay Thai workout, similar to what you can find in a traditional camp in Thailand.

2No frills or fancy combos – our trainers will be running you through their most effective combos. How do they know they work?

They’ve used them time and time again with success in the ring… and now they are teaching them to you!

This is a non-sparring class suitable for Level 2 upwards as the pace will be slower and the focus on timing, freestyle rhythm and technique.

You will be working intensively with a partner during this class. The aim is to use each other as a training tool and teacher. Work as a team to set the pace for each combination. Speed it up, slow it down, just like in a fight, the timing can ebb and flo.

As teachers for your classmate, you form a team to accelerate your learning speed.

Watched over by our trainer, you will set the pace together, and work towards perfecting each combination.

You may not sweat as much as in Muay Power, but we hope to see your technique sky rocket!

    Simplified version of putting on Hand Wraps