Tech Boxing

Muay Thai’s elbows, knees and kicks are beautiful. But at JAI, we don’t neglect the “sweet science” either. At Tech Boxing, we learn combinations which can be incorporated into your kicking and kneeing game, to make you a well-rounded fighter. And outside of Thailand, where boxing often scores as many points as kicks, a solid knowledge of boxing defence and strategy are important aspects of any successful fighter’s arsenal.

There will be contact in this advanced class, so a mouth guard and 16oz (Twins) gloves are essential, for safety. As with all our technical (sparring) classes, instructor’s prior approval is required, so ensure students have enough technique and experience to control their power.

If you’d like a fun, non-sparring boxing class, check out our 45-minute intense Box-Fit class, suitable for all levels. You’ll be able to hit as hard as you like in that one, without worrying about the consequences.

    Simplified version of putting on Hand Wraps