Thai Tots (kids)

Muay Thai Tots is a martial arts class for kids 3 to 6 year olds, This 45-minute class will work on your kid’s balance, coordination, and basic martial arts movements in a fun environment.

Mondays from 4.15pm to 5pm (during school term – advance booking is required)

Although there will be no sparring involved, children will get a full workout using a full  learn range of Muay Thai movements in patterns as well as on bags and pads.

As Muay Thai is Thailand’s national sport, Thai children are exposed to the sport at a young age and gain an appreciation of how their body can be used not only as a weapon but for self-defence.

It is our aim for our Thai Tots to gain :

  • confidence through learning what their bodies are capable of
  • socialisation skills by interacting and learning through fellow Thai Tots
  • focus by looking up to and learning from our fighter/trainers
  • respect for others as well as themselves

Every kid should aspire to be a Thai Tot champion – next stage is Kid’s Kick Butt classes.

Mondays from 4.15pm to 5pm (during school term)

$15 for one class or $50 for 5 classes


Thai Tots will teach your kids coordination and balance

Thai Tots learn coordination and balance


Thai Tots learn self-discipline

thai tots

Thai Tots learn focus