Beating the post-Christmas blues

Christmas Blues

Two days have passed and people feeling the post- Christmas Blues. One-by-one, we watch them wearily trudge in for training. It almost looks like the end of a 60-hour long week, rather than 60-hour fun festive break.

“I’m exhausted”, sighs one. He’s worn out from sleeping and eating for the last three days.
“I hate Christmas”, grumbles another guy, looking down at his mid-section.  He’s angry that all the festive feasting and drinking has given him a mini-Santa belly.

Don’t get us wrong. It isn’t all bah humbug. Christmas-Blues aside, this time of the year is an amazing time to catch up with friends, family, recharge your batteries and eat some delicious and (not so healthy) food. Even the most careful eaters will usually through their meal plans out the window.

And why shouldn’t you? Christmas only comes once a year, so some pudd and an extra serving of ham isn’t going to stop you from achieving your fitness goals.

But for some, the overindulgence has become a chore. No, or little exercise, compounded with baskets of cookies, chocolates and sweets has left every feeling well, like they’ve come down from a massive sugar high.

While it would be easy to just trudge back to work and wait for New Year before you get back on track, the people training right now are not only getting a head start, on those New Years Resolutions, but more enjoyment out of the festive season.

You know when you’ve had so much candy that you’re just going through the motion of eating it because it’s there?

Or you aren’t hungry, but you’re eating simply because it’s less effort than  packing away the leftovers for tomorrow? By this stage, there is no enjoyment from everything you eat and drink. Your senses have become dulled from the over-inhalation of food and drink and the act  of shovelling things into your mouth has become a repetitive habit.

Dopamine, a chemical found in our brain which makes us feel pleasure  is stimulated by both exercise as well as overeating.  So if you’re not getting enough exercise, no wonder your body looks for other ways to get a high.

Boxing to beat the Christmas Blues

Get off your butt, and get some exercise. You don’t even have to leave the house. Whether it’s a plyometric workout at home, a quick run before the kids wake up, or sneaking an hour of Muay Thai.

christmas blues

This Boxing Day, we surprised our visitors with a pre-dinner boxing session right in our backyard – telling them they had to work for their dinner. Just 10 minutes of hitting the focus mitts, with family and friends cheering them on led to plenty of laughs and thrills.

No matter what exercise you choose, endorphins will leave you with a high that beats any sugar kick. And isn’t that kind of person much more fun to be around than the Christmas Grinch?

Christmas BluesChristmas Blues




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