Some guy wanted to beat up our trainer

Originally posted November 12, 2012

After our recent party ended, our trainer Wimbledon was approached by a stranger – a large muscular man who demanded he handed over his glasses. When Wimbledon replied that he couldn’t, as they didn’t belong to him, the burly chap brought over another equally buff friend, and together, they repeated the demand – hinting that there would be trouble if he refused.

Now, they weren’t to know that the lanky bespectacled guy they were bullying has had over 200 pro fights. And is one of the few fighters to have beaten Buakaw Por Pramuk.

Wimbledon said: “If you want to fight, I can teach you to fight properly. Come and see me at my work, and I will spar with you there.”

He then dug into his jeans and handed over his name card, which simply says ‘Trainer/Fighter at Jai Thai Boxing Gym”.
The men spent two minutes in complete silence looking at the name card. They then mumbled something and quietly slunk away.

One question we often get asked is: “You do Muay Thai, so are you an aggressive person who wants an excuse to beat up people?”

In actual fact, we do Muay Thai for the same reason people do Zumba, CrossFit, Yoga or Tennis. (Yes! We put CrossFit and Zumba in the same sentence  )

It’s fun, makes us feel good and means we can eat more without looking porky. Some of us at JAI compete in the ring, some of us don’t. Most of us are pretty funny and approachable (especially our trainers).

All of us enjoy kicking and punching and the benefits of Muay Thai. And one of those happens to be self defence, but the best form of defence which also has a 0% chance of injury is AVOIDANCE. And while Muay Thai gives us the confidence to stand up for ourselves, we’d like to think that our students also have the confidence to walk away from a potentially aggressive situation so they can live to train another day.


Save the fighting for the ring. That’s what Thai champs do.

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