Thai Boxing shorts – the good, the bad, the leopard print

Thai Boxing shorts have a bad rep. They’re bright, attention-seeking, not always flattering and frankly, look out of place at the beach. But any PRO Thai fighter would feel uncomfortable training in anything BUT Muay Thai shorts. Now we’ve listed…

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February 19, 2014

Teep – The Muay Thai push kick, foot-jab or front kick

The push-kick, foot-jab, front kick or “teep” in Thai language is an effective defensive move which can not only stop an aggressive opponent but also humiliate and zap them of confidence. When used effectively, you can use it to effectively…

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February 18, 2014

Fit and photo-ready

Gosh you guys are a fit AND photogenic bunch. We’ve just finished our first photo-book of 2014, this one is just a mini-one. Thanks to everyone who sent in their photos. We’ll be compiling photos for our next book, so…

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February 12, 2014

From 87kg GAMER to 60kg FIGHTER in one year

From gamer to fighter. Nicky shed the kilos and gained the fitness and confidence to step into the ring.   Name: Nicky van Hulst Age: 19 (his birthday was last weekend!) Joined JAI : March 2013 Current fight weight: 60kg…

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February 2, 2014

Why we have Thai Trainers

Some people ask us why we don’t just get local trainers to teach Muay Thai. We ask them, “How important is good technique to you?” You can practice a kick or knee a million times, but if you are aren’t…

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December 19, 2013

RIP former heavyweight boxer Nelson Mandela

The former heavyweight boxer was a true martial artist and sportsman. But his main achievements came not from fighting in the ring for titles, but on a world-wide platform for equality for all. We share his belief in training firstly…

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December 5, 2013

Our Fourth Birthday Party 16 November (Saturday)

More details here The four of us at Jai Thai Boxing Gym are having a birthday party. We’ve come a long way since opening on November 16, 2009. From one Thai trainer to three and students who didn’t know the…

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November 8, 2013

Simplified version of putting on Hand Wraps

Hand wraps should be used to protect from injury. Every Muay Thai student worth their salt should learn how to put on their own hand wraps if they are serious about training. The times we haven’t used hand wraps are…

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October 18, 2013

New Years Resolutions – Six pack abs??

I will lose 10kg, I will eat healthy, I will stop drinking, I will exercise every day, I will lose my thunder thighs/big butt and get abs like Buakaw. All noble New Years resolutions, but unfortunately each of them will probably be broken within 2 weeks of making them. (That means, chances are that you’ll break yours by the end of this week!)

Our resolution is to help you to KEEP your resolutions. So read on. According to Time Magazine, 60% of gym memberships go unused and people stop going after a month of purchasing them. Well, going by that, you guys are already in the top 40% because we know we will see you next month. But if you want to push yourself that bit further, set yourself realistic goals and you’ll be setting yourself up for changes for LIFE. Here’s how to improve on your fitness resolutions. Continue reading

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January 24, 2013