Falan “The Flash”

Falan (which means lightning in Thai) possesses not only the technique of an experienced fighter, but the blinding speed and energy of a lightening bolt.  This makes for a lethal combination as a Muay Thai fighter.  While you wouldn’t want to face him in the ring, you’ll definitely benefit from having him in your corner! As his student,  you can be sure that you’ll never get bored of his sessions – you’ll barely have time to process the skills you’re learning and catch your breath!

Born in Esarn, where some of the best Thai fighters in the world are bred, Falan literally has Muay Thai in his blood. Falan started his professional Muay Thai career at the age of 11 and has over 120 professional Muay Thai fights, he has a 30% KO rate and over 80 wins.

Although he still has plenty of potential as a fighter, Falan knows how much energy it takes to train professionally. And despite having a lot of it, right now, he would rather focus his energy on teaching JAI students all he knows about his national sport.

While he could have easily chosen to stay in Thailand or gone to closer country to teach Muay Thai, he decided to come down under, so he could teach “real Muay Thai to students far away because they may not get the chance to visit Thailand”.

It doesn’t matter whether your intention is to fight or get fit. Falan’s style of teaching is to ensure that everyone “trains like they are fighting”. This means training his students to hit the bags and pads, like it is a real opponent. Or making sure that they exert 100% of their power in class – the same like you would leave everything in the ring.

His favourite fighter is Somluck Kamsing, a Muay Thai legend known for his exceptional fighting IQ. And if Muay Thai was a graded subject, Falan hopes all his students can get an A+ in his class.

Faourite move: Kicks. High kicks, low kicks, back kicks, jump kicks, spin kicks… any kicks.


Muay Thai tip: Don’t underestimate the teep (push-kick). Even though it’s known as a defensive move, it can be deadly. I often use this movement to knock people onto the canvas.

What you can expect in his class: Real Muay Thai mixed with some fancy stuff. I love teaching spinning and jumping movements.

Life mission: To bring real Muay Thai to the world!

    Simplified version of putting on Hand Wraps