Thai Boxing For Women

Women training

Women like Angelina Jolie, Madonna and Jennifer Lopez, love Thai Boxing for a number of reasons. The feeling of empowerment it gives them – as well as the fact it gives them smokin’ hot physiques, by burning up to 800 calories per hour.

These female celebs practice Thai Boxing and kickboxing as a form of fitness, not combat. You will probably never see them step into the ring, but they certainly find that it helps to give them the confidence to step out onto the centre stage. As one of the most exciting forms of exercise around, Thai Boxing not only effectively targets those jiggly bits, but also gives women a feeling of confidence and empowerment – and a level of fitness most have never reached before. Unlike conventional weight-bearing machines which work specific areas of the body, Thai Boxing movements works out your entire body. Even if you lead an active lifestyle, the day after your first proper Thai Boxing workout, you will feel the difference in your core, arms and legs. As there is no heavy weights of lifting involved, women do not develop bulky muscles, but instead find themselves getting a streamlined athletic physique.

In order to get the full physical and mental benefits of Thai Boxing, there is no need to spar or fight competitively. Our non-aggressive  Kick It Kardio classes use bag work, partner drills, pad work and body conditioning exercise to get every student fighting fit. Jai’s trainers teach students to use the hips and core muscles to throw punches, elbows and boxing movements  – great for burning stubborn fat around the tummy, hips and bidding “bye-bye” to those dreaded jiggly arms. And every time you unleash Thai Boxing’s secret weapon – the powerful roundhouse kick, you are lifting and firming your butt area and toning your thighs. Knees and push kicks can keep opponents at bay while banishing tummy fat.