Happy 17th Sophia!

Sophia two days shy of turning 17!

Happy 17th Birthday Sophia!

Sophia as a 14 year old – just after starting training

You’ve come a long way since you first stepped into JAI as13-year-old!
In fact, she first discovered us when we visited her house way back in 2015 – to pick up a bed we bought on Trade Me. Apparently she had been itching to start training since she watched
Floyd Mayweather Jr. vs. Manny Pacquiao – and then we stepped into her home!
After getting an in-depth interview with her mum (did we run an underground Fight Club – did we do bare knuckle fist fights? jokes!) Sophia was allowed to come for a trial.
She likes JAI because “I can walk in and be in a bad mood, but when I leave, I’m always in a happy mood”.



Fast forward three years and she’s now grown up quite a bit!

She doesn’t mind that most of her training buddies are a lot older than her because “it’s nice to have friends outside of her school group. In fact, she’s the one who has to ring them up during the weekday mornings to make sure that they’re out of bed early enough to come to training (Hello Zara!). But yes, she’s that dedicated to training. But that doesn’t mean they go any easier on her during training. Except the boys, she giggles, “they do go quite a big softer on me”.
Oh yeah, she also started sparring last year!


13-year-old pre-JAI Sophia

As for her absolute favourite thing about Muay Thai?

“I like everything about it – even getting hit in the face. I just don’t like hitting people,” she says apologetically.

“In fact, that’s my problem. I keep on saying sorry every time I hit someone. But give me time, I’ll get it right!”

We’re sure you will Sophia!


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