JAI Pro-Shop

For your Thai Boxing essentials – and then some. We sell Thai Boxing shorts, handwraps and gloves imported from TWINS Special, Top KING and Fairtex in Thailand. Special discounts for JAI members. We can customise apparel with your name and our logo. Or if there is a specific colour or style of gloves or gear you’re after we can ask our supplier to import it direct from Thailand.

Also check out our range of JAI apparel for men and ladies and kids, including Thai Boxing shorts, t-shirts and tank tops designed and tested by our very own JAI fighters. We also do gift vouchers.

Customisation of Thai Boxing shorts with your name or preferred design is available. There is also a wide range of one-off designs and styles of tops and shorts –  including a special ladies range of Thai Boxing shorts.

Gift vouchers are available and can be used for training or gear, or a mixture of both.

Discounted member’s prices for Jai gear starts from our shop:

  • Handwraps from $15
  • NZ Boxer gloves from $59
  • TWINS gloves from $155
  • Fairtex gloves from $145

Rental of gloves, handwraps and towels is available at the shop. Gift vouchers are available for merchandise as well as training, or for customised gift packages for birthdays or special occasions.

Members of the public are welcome.


Our shop sells a wide range of gear



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