Kru Chain “Elbow Technician”

Kru Chain elbow

Kru Chain elbow

Alhough Kru Chain has only recently arrived to New Zealand, he is fast becoming a firm favourite with our students. His ever-present smile and enthusiasm for Muay Thai is contagious. It’s impossible not to smile when training with him.

At 30 years old, Kru Chain has an astounding 500 professional fights, starting his career as a young child. This is large number, even for a career Thai fighter. His fighting style is called “Muay Femur”, which is a highly desirable fighting style describes a fighting style relying more on grace and precision than brute force and aggression. (As an example, Saenchai PK Muay Thai is Muay Femur as well.)

Although he uses all of Muay Thai’s weapons, he is known as our elbow technician. Elbows are one of Muay Thai’s most dangerous weapons, as they are rock solid, cut like a knife and come out of nowhere.

Despite his extensive fighting background, Kru Chain’s favourite student to teach is the beginner to Thai boxing. To him, a new student is like a blank canvas, which he can create a masterpiece from scratch.

Even those with no intention to fight can be sure that they will learn proper technique during each session with him. And even experienced students will come away learning new strategies and tricks suitable for their own fighting style.

His keen eyes miss nothing, so old hands are constantly learning and correcting technique when training with him. Although he takes his sport very seriously, it is impossible not to notice the delight he takes from teaching it. He is patient with students, taking the time to explain the background behind certain movements and shares your excitement when you manage to master it.

Kru Chain is from Buriram in North Thailand. He is married with a five-year-old daughter.

It is obvious that Kru Chain loves Muay Thai and shares his joy when he trains us. He is always smiling and through his attention to detail, picks us every error. His delight when we get it right is infectious and inspiring! – Alexandria Humphries

Kru Chain is fun to train with. He has a great eye for details and is constantly challenging you to be better. He is very down-to-earth – it is hard to believe this humble man has had over 500 fights. Legend! – Elissa McIntosh

Kru Chain demands you give 110% …. or you do it again – Emma Raymond

Amazing fight knowledge. I love his attention to detail – Keith Dube

The intensity of classes has changed since he has arrived. He keeps combinations simple and short with good variety. I like his style a lot! – Ron Gardner

Love training with him! He has a cheeky grin on his face the entire time – Emma Sturmfels
Really goes into detail for people who are new to Muay Thai like me – Vikrant Rajoria