The magic of Thai Oil – Namman Muay

Ahh the smell of thai oil. Like it or love it. Anyone who has ever stepped into a Muay Thai camp or stadium knows this smell. It has a strong musty, peppermint menthol aroma with a scent which can permeate through lifts, stairwells, gym bags and onto the street.

Thai oil

The association of Namman Thai Oil ith Muay Thai is so powerful that one whiff can conjur up images of oily boxers fighting against an epic landscape of temple ruins.

For those who have trained in Thailand, the smell conjures visions of shiny bodied Thai boxers grunting as they kick, punch and knee against a setting sun. Ok, enough of the day-dreaming.

Firstly, we have to get this off our chest. Namman Muay Boxing Liniment oil (known to most as “Thai Oil) is NOT the same as M150. Yes there are some similarities.

  • They are both from Thailand
  • They come in a glass bottle
  • They are popular with Thai boxers
  • They both have yellow labels

One of these things are not like the other. Guess wrong and you’ll come to a fiery end.

And that is where the similarities end. M150 contains caffeine and sugar and is known for giving an instant burst of energy when training Thai boxing. It’s a rich, thick and syrupy in consistency, and packs a punch considering its small size – and can be downed in between rounds. (But we don’t recommend you downing more than one in a training session unless you want to stay up all night.)

Although it wouldn’t hurt you to rub it all over yourself, we would suggest for best results you were better off drinking it than using it as a massage oil.

M150 also comes in a smaller bottle than Naman Muay Oil. As well as in the form of Thai Boxing shorts…

Such is our love for M150 that we have Muay Thai shorts in their honour



So. The reason we are writing this, is not because we’re being sponsored by either M150 OR Naman Muay, but because of the constant questions from people asking what they do and even mistaking one for the other.

Boxing liniment also helps with Muay Thai performance. Overall, it helps to improve performance and reducing injury when used prior to training.

Wimbledon recalls that when training in Thailand, he always had to “hide my bottle of Naman Muay oil, because it will be finished in one day otherwise”. Although there have been many different versions of Thai Boxing liniment, he swears that the original Naman Muay brand works better than all its predecessors.

Its pungent smell helps awaken the senses and sets the mood for training/fighting. When rubbed onto the body, it has several purposes. Used before training, it helps the body to losen up and gain flexibility (especially useful when in cold weather). And it’s not just for athletes. We have a postal lady who regularly pops in to get her supply of Naman Muay, which she says helps her aching legs after a long day of deliveries.

Naman Muay Thai oil – as Thai as Kru Chain

This can speed up the time it takes to warm up, which is useful when there is a short time for trainers to prepare fighters and you don’t want them to expand too much energy warming up. The heat also produces a numbing sensation which desensitizes the skin’s surface – lessening pain on impact. This is why fighters get a mixture of vaseline and Thai oil rubbed all over their body. Not only does it dull the sensation of pain. The slippery surface makes it easier for blows to be deflected.

Used after training, some athletes feel that it helps to heal sprains and bruises and lessen aches and pains. Some people like to put it on before bed as they find it’s warmth comforting and encourages a good sleep. Be sure to avoid getting it on your nether regions or rubbing your eyes after using the cream, of you won’t be getting much sleep!

Thai oil – the secret to Buakaw’s success. Simply drink one gallon a day – JOKING!

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