New Years Resolutions – Six pack abs??

I will lose 10kg, I will eat healthy, I will stop drinking, I will exercise every day, I will lose my thunder thighs/big butt and get abs like Buakaw. All noble New Years resolutions, but unfortunately each of them will probably be broken within 2 weeks of making them. (That means, chances are that you’ll break yours by the end of this week!)

Our resolution is to help you to KEEP your resolutions. So read on. According to Time Magazine, 60% of gym memberships go unused and people stop going after a month of purchasing them. Well, going by that, you guys are already in the top 40% because we know we will see you next month 🙂 But if you want to push yourself that bit further, set yourself realistic goals and you’ll be setting yourself up for changes for LIFE. Here’s how to improve on your fitness resolutions.

1. I will lose 10kg

Unless you’re training for Lupinee title or K1 championship, where the weight divisions are set in stone, weight is not that important when it comes to looking good or as a general gauge of health. Muscle is heavier than fat, so when you kick off a new improved diet and exercise regime, you will possibly see a dramatic initial weight loss IF you had excess fat to lose. But as your body develops more muscle (read healthy curves and definition in the right places!) your weight loss will start to plateau. Don’t get discouraged if this happens before you reach your “goal weight”. A more realistic approach is to measure key spots, like your waist, hips, thighs or arms. Or simply look banging in that fitted tank / bikini you bought five years ago.

2. I will eat healthy

Great intentions, but too broad in range. Cut up this resolution into sizable bites and you’ll find it a lot easier to swallow (pardon the puns!) Instead of drastically cutting out sugar, fat, carbs all at one go, instead plan to make one simple change every week. Starting for example with replacing soft drinks with water in the first week, then switching all chocolate you eat to dark chocolate (at least 75% cocoa has way less sugar, more antioxidants and less is required to satisfy a chocolate craving). Other easy changes include, switching from cooking with soya oil to olive oil, aiming to cook a simple but healthy meal/treat once a week and including at least two servings of vegetables per day (yes, a raw carrot or sliced up tomato counts as a serving if you’re too lazy to make a salad or stir-fry). And importantly, get educated on what good nutrition IS. You can’t out train a bad diet, but you can run out of steam on a restricted one. We all need carbs and fats, especially if we’re training, so cutting them out or drastically reducing them is going to affect not only our performance, but well-being. See a dietitian, or look for some reliable information online – we love for her healthy take on desserts.

3. I will stop drinking

Add “in excess” to the end of this, and you’re more likely to stay happy, sober and SANE throughout the year. Everyone has different measures of excess, but remember that it’s what we do regularly, not sporadically that will make a difference long term. A glass of wine or a beer a few times during the week won’t affect your goals too much and will make you less likely to binge when the weekend rolls round. A resolution like drinking a big glass of water in between every alcoholic drink, or limiting your “drink days” to once or twice a week will lead to fewer binge urges.

4. I will exercise every day / I will get fighting fit

Again, another broad and very vague resolutions. And remember, one or two days a week off gives your body a rest and gets you amped up to train harder the following day. Set a goal which corresponds to your current fitness level. You wouldn’t drive a rickety old 1975 Ford Escort all over the South Island, so don’t make your unconditioned, overweight 30+ year old body go through a marathon, or you will risk serious injury. Scale your exercise for your fitness level. Why not join JAI’s team for either the AMI round the bays Fun Run (7km) or the Half Marathon and check with us about training in a supportive group for it. Our conditioning class on Saturdays hold regular fit tests, so you can push and sweat your way to a new personal best. Three Kick it Kardio classes will keep your fitness levels (and Muay Thai skills) at a high level. On days you just can’t find the time or motivation to exercise, do 5 x 30 second sets of burpees or mountain climbers, or simply plank or do a wall sit for as long as you can. Whether you want to fight or simply get fit, come and see us about working out a training schedule for you.

5. I will lose my thunder thighs/big butt… get abs like Buakaw

Wouldn’t it be nice if we could all look like Angelina Jolie while working out, but hit as hard as Mike Tyson? Gina Carano and Julie Kitchen show that being fighting fit doesn’t come in a cookie-cutter package. While becoming fitter and stronger may mean sizing down for some, for others it may mean filling out. It’s also impossible to “exercise away” genetics. For Wimbledon that’s voluptuous thighs, Omnoi: (female) model legs, Su-Lin: calves bigger than your head and Wit, well, he can’t grow any taller no matter how hard he trains.

New Years Resolution

Muay Thai champ Gina Carano isn’t super model thin, but is still wallpaper material

The only time Gina pays much attention to her weight is when she's checking it for her weight class

The only time Gina pays much attention to her weight is when she’s checking it for her weight class

Tennis champs Venus and Serena Williams. Both sisters are in the best shape possible, even though that means being totally different shapes. And feel free to write to us or come in for a chat if you feel like you need a little help. We aim to get you in the best shape possible for 2013 AND BEYOND!

News Years Resolution

Serena Williams. She’ll kick your booty on court, and look bootylicious while doing it.

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