From 87kg GAMER to 60kg FIGHTER in one year

From gamer to fighter. Nicky shed the kilos and gained the fitness and confidence to step into the ring.



NIcky trainingfighterName: Nicky van Hulst
Age: 19 (his birthday was last weekend!)
Joined JAI : March 2013
Current fight weight: 60kg
Weight one year ago: 87kg
Fights: One novice Feb 1, 2014

When JAI’s newest fighter, Nicky entered the ring for the first time last Saturday, he looked the part – a lean, mean fighting machine without an ounce of excess fat on his body. Just one year ago, however, the IT student tipped the scales at a whopping 87kg. This was thanks to computer games and too much junk food.

Early last year, through a combination of diet and running, he lost 10kg, and then he started his search for a mfight2nickyfighterore “fun” way to keep fit and thought of boxing.

The problem was that being naturally shy, Nicky felt “anxious, and worried I would be forced to do sparring if I joined the wrong gym”. His goal was not to be a fighter, but simply to get fit in a friendly environment.  When he joined us in March last year, he found himself quickly addicted to Thai Boxing, and coming back five times a week to train. He enjoyed the fun factor, and the friendly people – and was inspired to try sparring, which to his surprise he enjoyed. The kilos fell off, and this year, he accepted his first fight with a week’s notice and made his debut as a fighter last weekend.

It hasn’t all been easy sailing. Living away from his family, Nicky juggles full-time study with a part-time job at Countdown, trains 5x a week and prepares his own healthy meals himself. He also passed all his exams – an achievement considering 60% of his IT classmates at Victoria University failed. It means he has less time for gaming, but Nicky thinks that the “massive difference” in health and well-being is more than worth the sacrifice.

Our trainers commend him for his never-say-die attitude, and the focus and determination he puts into every training session with us.

Fighter Nicki preparing to receive the Mongkon for good luck

Fighter Nicki preparing to receive the Mongkon for good luck