Parking options in Auckland

Driving in Auckland can be a headache. For those who aren’t lucky to enough to live a hop, skip and jump away, we hope to help minimise the pain by finding the most affordable (and pointing out the most expensive) options.

We also have bus and train options nearby.

1. $2 evening parking
Register online to book evening parking (from 5pm to 11.45pm) on weekdays or all day weekends and Public Holidays for a one-off payment of $2*

Step 1. Head to and register an account.

Step 2. Select “Auckland” “The Chancery” and enter your date and time. Remember, to qualify for $2 parking you have to select “Evening Parking”.

If you are parking on the weekends select “Weekend Parking”.

cheap parking near jai

Step 3. After selecting “Evening Parking”, press “Book Now”

Step 4. Enter the code “HOTCPARK” and Apply Promotion Code to bring the price down to $2.

Step 5. Grab your gear and head to training. (Allow 8 minutes if you’re walking or 3 minutes if you’re jogging). Cos the parking is valid until 11.45pm you have plenty of time to go grab a bite/movie afterwards!

2. Streetside parking

Streetside parking on Anzac Avenue and the surrounding streets during the weekdays is often $3 or free from after 5pm on weekdays (but please check the meters as prices fluctuate depending on different streets and days). Another option for streetside parking is to park on Beach Road and take the staircase up to Anzac Avenue (handy warm up).

3. Wilsons Parking 73 Anzac Avenue

Yes it’s convenient, but it’s also the most expensive option with prices starting at $5 for half an hour. We’d use it as a last resort, or if you’re spending the whole day in town there is an early-bird rate which you can take advantage of.

*Disclaimer. We get our information from our lovely students who commute in. As prices can change, please do update us if new rates/ deals change or become available. 


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