JAI trainer Pradit



Pradit is our second recruit from Bangkok. He has over 20 years of experience in teaching and fighting out Tuff Camp Ekamai and Chay Yai Gym in Thailand. He can adapt his teaching style and workout pace to suit every student. Whether this means being encouraging and supportive to an unfit newbie or pushing a seasoned fighter to train harder, he gets results.

He has taught in Turkey, Chiang Mai and Bangkok training students for fitness as well as local and foreign fighters including K-1 World Max Champ “Giorgio” Petrosyan.

Although he speaks English, he always claims not know the meaning of the words “I’m tired”. Pradit will be training students at all levels with a special focus on our fighters.

He is a favourite with our female students because of his good-natured personality and ability to sympathise and encourage fighters in their teething stages.

His wealth of experience holding pads for all levels means that he can create a fight-like experience on the pads for students working with him. Pradit puts 100% into every session, inspiring his students want to train harder. He enjoys teaching new techniques, including special strategies effecting for K-1 style fighting as well as Muay Thai.

Pradit is available for one-on-one personal trainings.