Queen’s Birthday weekend happenings

This weekend… it’s ON

Staying in town this Queen’s Birthday weekend?  We are open all weekend, so take this chance to come down, kick and punch. If you’re going to be in Auckland, why not use this opportunity to try some of our new classes  (see below for what we’ll be working on).

Queen's birthday weekend timetable

Strength & Conditioning

Saturday 3 June 8.30am to 10am

Now 90-minutes long, you will use methods proven by sports science to equip your body with the right type of muscle to give you explosive power for Muay Thai.session give you a thorough workout of the upper and body using full

The class will be divided into several get closer to being able to reach that head kick. Although this is not a fitness class, there will be a conditioning circuit included which mimics the rest to work ratio which will help your performance in the ring.

Pilates for Athletes
Saturday 3 June 12.15

Pilates JAI

Phoebe teaches Pilates for Athletes at JAI

This week’s pilates workout will incorporate the weights for slow, focused work on the arm and core which will focus on control and stability. What does this translate to? A more stable core, resulting in faster and more powerful striking movements.

It will be taught by Phoebe, a former professional contemporary dancer who now teaches Pilates full time. She loves encouraging her students to use Pilates to extend their daily range of motion by teaching them how to activate their muscles.

Hip Hop for Beginners

queen's birtday

Hip Hop with Loren

Sunday 12noon

Some of us already know Loren from her workshop at Auckland’s recent second birthday party or through her dance clips we’ve posted online.
If you have, you’ll know that her class fun, inclusive, for all levels, has no place for egos and will definitely get a lot of laughs.

Come down this week and learn some moves to your favourite beats.


Yoga for Muay Thai

Yoga for Muay Thai will focus on high kicks

Sunday 4 June 1pm
There are many types of yoga, but all of them promote a healthier body, relaxed mind and make you better not only physically, but also mentally.

This Sunday, Mari’s class will focus on hip opening stretches to help you with those high kicks. There will also be deep core work as being flexible AND strong is our goal.


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