Siam no.1 Fight Night 25 March 2017












10 JAI fighters will be getting into the ring for Siam no.1. Here are some of them

Tommo “Khunseuk” Ward

Tommo Khunseuk Ward 6-2-0 fighting Tyson Patrick (Kun Muay – Khmer & Thai Kickboxing) 78kg 3×2

This scruffy teenager walked into Jai Thai Boxing Gym Wellington just days after we first opened in 2009. While his strength even back then was impressive, it was his 100% dedication and focus which made him stand out. In between study and opening his own business, he has never failed to put on a fight which has had the crowd on the edge of their seats!
1. Day Job
I own my own fitness studio on the waterfront of Wellington called Power of S
2. Favourite fighter
Has to be Buakaw because he looks like a beast, and fights like a beast.
3. Favourite superhero
Vegeta from Dragon Ball Z because he is a reminder that even if you aren’t the strongest or fastest, or most powerful, if you train hard you can achieve greatness.
4. Favourite fight move
Probably anything with a jump – jump knee, jump punch, jump kick. Look out for one or two on March 25 – hahahaha
5. Walkout song
Ties that bind by Alter Bridge. I’ve used this since 2011 because it helps me prepare for battle – listen to the lyrics.
6. Why I fight
I fight to please, but mostly for my mum who has beaten cancer. In my eyes she is a warrior and fighter – any pain that I go through in the ring is nothing compared to what she has been through.
7. Why you won’t want to miss my fight
To see how far I have come in eight years of training. Plus, it’s going to be awesome – I have never put on a boring fight!
8. If you see me around, talk to me about…
I like chatting or having about anything so don’t be scared to come and have a yarn. My favourite topics are Muay Thai, PLaystation, Dragon Ball Z.. Boom!

#2 Daria “The Boss” Smith


Born and bred in Moscow, Daria discovered her passion for Muay Thai in the land of the Long White Cloud. And it was here at JAI that she also discovered her love for sticky rice! Read on to find out more about this NZ champ and simply comment on or share this post by Monday to win a double pass to Siam No.1 Auckland as chosen by Daria “The Boss” Smith herself.
Fighter profile: Daria “The Boss” Smith (JAI) 31f – 21w – 8l – 1d – 1r (robbery) will be fighting Baby Nansen (Smac Gym) 59kg 5×2 K1 rules
Day job
An analyst who kicks numbers by day (lame analyst)
Favourite fighter
Valentina Shevchenko (Southpaw + Russian = <3)
Favourite superhero
Sailor Moon – she showed that you don’t need a man to feel strong and that being a girl doesn’t mean being weak. I always use the #likeagirl hashtag on my social media posts because I want to live in the world where hitting like a girl means being strong
Favourite fight move
Sai Kwa (Thai for left kick)
Favourite fight song
Barbie Girl by Aqua – because taking life too seriously is stressful. Plus that song was a massive hit in Russia in the 90s
Reason I fight
To show my son that hard work pays off. Glory and plastic trophies are alright too
Why you should see me in the ring at Siam No.1 Auckland on the 25th
I don’t fight in NZ very often and have not fought in Auckland since 2015! I absolutely love the home crowd feel so it would be great to have kiwis come and share this experience with me
Come and talk to me about…
My favourite hobbies – muay thai, crossfit and sleeping


Fighter profile #3.
JAI fighter Bryce “Cupcake”,42 years old will be going up against James from Jom Bing Muay Thai 78kg 3×2 on the 25th

How he got his nickname:
My colleagues (who are mostly guys) were talking about what they got up to over the weekend. It involved sports, DIY chores – typical bloke stuff. When it came to my turn, I told I watched a show about cupcakes I had watched on Netflix. I thought it was really interesting, but the guys rolled their eyes and the nickname “Cupcake” has stuck since then.
Day job:
Customer services
Favourite fighter:
Buakaw. I like his aggressive style and the fact he has had to overcome a lot of adversities to become a champion.
Favourite actor:
Sam Elliott. He’s from the same era as Clint Eastwood and his roles mostly involve playing old fashioned straight up gentlemen who are loyal to their mates and treat women with respect (characteristics I respect). But… he also knows how to Rock and Roll!
Favourite fight move:
It would have to be the low kick. Simply for the fact that it’s easier to pull off given the lack of flexibility at my age.
Walkout song:
Welcome to the Jungle by Guns N’ Roses. It was New Years day in 1988 and I was watching Top of the Pops and this was number one. I instantly fell in love with it, and it never fails to get me pumped.
Why you won’t want to miss my fight on the 25th
It’s not often you get to see a middle aged geriatric in the ring. LOL!
If you see me out and about, talk to me about
Anything really – especially martial arts and cupcakes. I’m not a top baker but I do make some mean cinnamon scrolls.

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