STRONG HIIT Trainer Grace Goris

Grace Goris

Project Coordinator for IT Project Services at Internal Affairs and
STRONG trainer.

Grace comes from a diverse background in fitness which includes Muay Thai, competing in Fitness Body Building as well as circus training and Latin dancing.

STRONG trainer Grace tailors her classes to suit all levels of fitness and abilities.

What attracted you to STRONG?
I was looking for something different (not dance-related) to complement all the other training I do. STRONG was not only fun, but also improved my coordination, balance, agility and strength and helped my performance in everything I do.

What sort of person is STRONG for?
Everyone, from those who are new to fitness to the elite athlete.
STRONG instructors are taught to cater to all the participant’s

Since it’s from the creators of ZUMBA and timed to special tracks I have to be coordinated to do STRONG?
Don’t worry – there’s no dancing involved!  There will be verbal and non-verbal cues so you know what’s coming up. And you will get better after every
class – I promise!

What are the benefits you can expect from STRONG?
Cardiovascular endurance and stamina (because the music is so good,
this really keeps you going!),

  • coordination and agility
  • fat loss and weight management
  • muscular tone and definition
  • functional core strength

and more…

While there’s no dancing involved, STRONG will still get your heart racing with explosive movements

How has it transformed you?
It has helped me lean out out while maintaining  my muscle tone.

I have also become better at my coordination and agility which
has helped me in all my training activities.

What can I expect from a Strong workout?

A 60 minute workout broken up into 4 quadrants, each quadrant is made up of 2-3 songs. These quadrants increase in intensity. Every move is perfectly synced to the music. It’s tempo driven – you feel amazing. When the beat drops and you ace the timing!

All quadrants are performed mostly standing, but he last quadrant is floor based – giving you a killer workout targeting
arms and abs.

What do I need to wear/bring?
Work out clothing that you are comfortable in, a sweat towel and
bottle of water.

What makes this different from Zumba or other types of HIIT fitness?
In traditional HIIT classes, music is an after thought played in the
background. The music for STRONG has been designed specifically for
this program, and reversed engineered to match the moves and provide
perfect synchronization. It inspires you to work out harder, while
having so much fun, the hour is over before you know it!
STRONG has world-renowned music producers and artists (Timberland and
Steve Aoki), the music in STRONG is fast paced, genres including EDM
and Hip Hop.

Zumba Strong Trainer grace

Grace has found STRONG has complementing her performance in other areas, including circus training

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