I used to  hit the gym on a regular basis to try and get fit, strong and toned, it wasn’t really working. And then I tried JAI and I loved it from the very first kick! I’m 100% fitter than I ever was and with the help of JAI and my friends there, I managed to complete the AMI Around The Bays 7k run in a little over 25 mins, I was impressed! and will be training hard to better that next year as well as getting back in the ring.

JAI literally changed a big part of my life after my first class in November 2011. I went from wanting to get really fit before 40 to my first novice fight just over 1 year later. the trainers are incredibly ENCOURAGING and KIND. they are always PATIENT and HELPFUL while still pushing you to be your BEST. DIVERSITY is largely abundant in both the students and fighters. there are many walks of life sharing in a great sense of COMMUNITY and FRIENDSHIP. and the HUGE smiles… great PUNCHES, KICKS and SMILES… JAI is AWESOME SAUCE.

I love to train at JAI because their training methods are very effective and very aerobic. It makes my body fast and explosive. There are many nice people and the trainers are nice and friendly too.

After have two children the birth I put on 17kg, so this year, I decided it was time to take care of myself so I could also have more energy for my family. From my first  class at JAI I was hooked!  I feel so refreshed after the class, and I love the warm atmosphere –   the trainers are amazing! I am now only 4 kilos away from my pre-baby weight and Muay Thai has given me more confidence. I am a lot more positive and I have not felt this good in AGES!

All the trainers at JAI are awesome guys and the best at what they do. JAI is not only the best place to learn Thai Boxing, it’s also great for making good friends.

My first impression of JAI was that it was very clean. The first personal training session with Wimbledon was the most awesome thing I have done. And I have had several Thai trainers, so I know about Muay Thai. These guys groomed a mother like me to – step into a ring and become a fighter!! They have given me the greatest support and never stopped believing in me.

I enjoy training at JAI because it feels more authentic than the standard gym. I like the fact that I’m being instructed by people who have fought professionally and have cultural ties to Thai Boxing.

Plus, it’s a great work-out, the staff are friendly and the lunch-time and weekend classes mean it fits with my day.

I started at JAI earlier this year having done Karate my whole life since I was 6 years old. I knew Muay Thai was one of the most physically demanding martial arts and I wanted to give it a go – but most of all I wanted a new hobby, something to be passionate about and can look forward to when you’re having a crappy day at uni. I started with fun and friendly cardio KIK classes, but the trainers also had a keen eye for technique, which proved very helpful, especially for myself converting martial arts needed extra help changing my fighting style. I started sparring after a while, and I knew I had found my passion! It gives me an adrenalin buzz, keeps me fit and I have met some wonderful people including the awesome trainers. (Got some awesome bruises, which have hardened me up a bit too.) I think it’s important to have something you are passionate about separate from work or university, and I believe JAI can provide you with exactly that. Whether it for fitness or you want to fight in the ring, I recommend JAI for anyone who wants to set a goal and challenge themselves. It will help you be a vibrant and motivated person, and also help you drop a few dress sizes

I’ve been training at Jai for almost 4 years. I train purely for fitness and have 2 PTs per week.

After a serious back injury I was looking for an activity that would increase my core strength and help me lose the additional weight I’d gained as a result of the injury, it needed to be something that worked me hard but could accommodate my restricted movement.

I saw an article on Stuff about the new Muay Thai gym that had opened in Wellington that was run by a girl and had Thai trainers and thought I’d give it a go.

I contacted Su-Lin, explained about the injury and asked if I could train given the constraints. Her response was Hell Yeah! So I came along, started at once a week and over time built it up to twice a week and have never looked back.

Something I’ve always appreciated about Su-Lin and the team is that they understand my limitations but push me enough that I get a great work out without aggravating the injury. They also don’t mind when I can’t go as hard or I’m a bit slower than normal, this has meant that I have gone to the gym and exercised and felt the benefits when under other circumstances I would have stayed at home and suffered for longer.
In the 4 years I’ve been training here I’ve got a lot of my flexibility back – I can now do the splits again, whereas when I first started I could barely touch my knees! I’ve also lost weight and gained overall fitness. I’ve also been able to stop my pain medication as the exercise has increased my core strength to the point that I no longer have constant pain.

My first novice fight was one of the single most exciting and rewarding experiences of my life. It’s so great to train with so many talented teachers and students, in an environment where everyone feels welcome and confident. I’ve made a lot of great friends, and I’m always encouraged to reach higher goals.

I used to have a discomfort of what I thought were ‘violent’ sports, as well as group classes, but after going to JAI for a full year I find it’s actually a great way to manage stress. More than yoga. The trainers change the content of the classes with every session to keep them interesting and fun. I’m being more careful about what I eat and  to my surprise, I miss the workouts when I can’t make it because of work, and even when I’m on vacation.

Wit is passionate about training people to be the best they can be and can see exactly what you are doing wrong and knows how to help you correct it and improve rapidly. 
Wit is definitely one of the best trainers I have ever had and one of the best people I have ever met and I am very grateful to have had the opportunity to learn from him.

Wit is the master of cardio. He makes me kick until I feel like my legs are going to fall off. But it’s still fun!

You really could not ask for a better trainer. Wimbledon’s training style has its roots in hardcore Thai-style training, but his experience teaching overseas is very evident when watching him work. He is now essentially a hybrid, combining the best parts of both worlds into his own unique style. His upbeat and positive personality, which is inspiring and motivational. He is always pushing for the best from his students. I have a huge amount of respect for Wimbledon.”

I met Wimbledon three years ago, when I was a portly 91kg with no confidence, self esteem or sense of self worth. 
After 3 months of his training I had dropped 5kg, after 6 I had dropped another six! 
More than that, his skill, passion and personality has shown me that combat sports are not only for big, aggressive or angry people and he has inspired me to try competitive fighting for myself.
Under his tutelage I have so far fought 17 times and won 13 of them and I am much, much happier than I was three years ago.
 Thanks to him, I have quit my job and I am now spending a year learning Muay Thai in Thailand, finding myself and becoming a better, more confident person.
Wimbledon has changed my life for the better in more ways than I could ever thank him for.

When I first went to Jai, I had never been to a gym or tried any martial arts before, but Su-Lin’s enthusiasm was infectious so I decided to give Jai a go – and I was hooked! Muay Thai is a great way to get fit and have fun. The trainers really know their stuff and put a lot of emphasis on technique, which is important for avoiding injury and getting the most out of your training. I enjoy the Kick It Kardio classes because they are a good combination of group training, plus some one-on-one time in the ring for personalized advice. There is no pressure to fight or spar – but if you do want to, they will support you all the way! I’m now living overseas and looking for a new gym, which has really highlighted some of the things that are special about Jai – like the variety in the training (no two classes are the same), the excellent ratio of trainers to students (large classes typically have two or three trainers who work with smaller groups), the social atmosphere, the well-equipped women’s bathroom facilities, the timetable that has something for everyone (train before work, at lunchtime or after work) and of course the great people! I look forward to returning to Jai when I’m back in Wellington.