Why we have Thai Trainers


Some people ask us why we don’t just get local trainers to teach Muay Thai. We ask them, “How important is good technique to you?”

You can practice a kick or knee a million times, but if you are aren’t taught the right technique, it will never be perfect. Yes, it would be a lot easier logistically to have local trainers, but what our Thai trainers know about Muay Thai would take a lifetime of teaching, fighting and breathing Muay Thai IN the home of Muay Thai – Thailand – to replicate. They are, in a nutshell, a living encyclopedia of fighting knowledge in a smiling, chili-guzzling, fish-sauce loving package imported directly from Thailand. As of yet, we haven’t found anyone in New Zealand that meets this criteria. (When we do, they are welcome to join our team.) For now, we have Wit, Wimbledon and Pradit. Muay Thai is what they do. Muay Thai is all they do. Full time, every day, since they learned to walk. This is all they know how to do (except for making a mean Tom Yum Goong and belting out pop songs in the middle of class).  They may not be current fighters, but their knowledge of Muay Thai is expansive. If the average local fighter knew 50% of what Wit, Pradit and Wimbledon knew about Muay Thai, they’d be considered an expert by local standards. They have the knowledge of how to counter every attack. The tactical know-how and psychological experience to formulate a defence.  It doesn’t guarantee we have good fighters, but whether we make use of their knowledge or chose not to,  it is there for the taking.

Back to our question, how important is good technique? It’s the difference between repetition and perfection. Make sure you strive for better technique every time you train! If in doubt, ask our trainers.

perfect practice makes perfect

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