Training while pregnant – guest post from a Muay Thai Mummy

A message to the keyboard warriors from THAT pregnant lady at the gym

I am a firm believer in a simple fact that pregnancy is not a disease or a disability. It is not contagious (as far as I know). It does not hurt (until it is time for the bun to come out of the oven). It does not limit my ability to perform basic tasks (yes, I can still get cookie dough ice cream at 2am out of the freezer ALL BY MYSELF).

Most importantly it does not make me less of an athlete. (I do need 100 extra bathroom breaks but I can still kick you in the face all the same.)

Training while pregnant

I have been pregnant before. (See pictures for proof) I trained throughout the first time – so this is not my first time at the rodeo. I do however completely understand that most of the people I see at the gym are not just new to the rodeo. They have probably never seen a cow up close before. My metaphor is terrible but you get my point – seeing a pregnant woman at the gym despite how common it is these days, can still come across as a little jarring. 

Editor’s note: We imagine a pregnant lady training Muay Thai, may be to some, like seeing your Mother in a Muay Thai fight. Pretty cool, but still a little scary at first. Definitely something which takes a little time to get used to.

Fortunately, in real life, everyone at the gym has been completely sweet and caring. Unfortunately, online, everyone is a critic with a PhD in Health Science and a licence to Speak Universal Truth from The Armchair University of Keyboard Superiority.

As I have only just passed the “has she had a big lunch or is she…???” stage, I have yet to experience the wrath of internet but I am sure it will come just like it did for many more before me. Therefore, this is a perfect opportunity for me to get the first word in when the judgement is only a sparkle in your all seeing eye.

I already know what you are going to say so here are my responses:

“You are hurting your baby!”

  • I am not hurting my baby. I am a mother. Do you think I care less about my baby than you do? I can’t remember seeing you there at 2am when I was wide awake covered in vomit.  Or shedding tears of joy with me when he took his first step. You did not make this baby, you did not scream for four hours straight as you were squeezing it out and you definitely did not nurture it to the detriment of your own health and well-being EVERY DAY OF YOUR LIFE. Therefore, you are not qualified to speak about this baby or anyone else’s baby’s health.

“You look so “fat and gross” … ew, can’t you work out somewhere else?” 

  • Newsflash – storks don’t bring babies, women make them. Literally… MAKE THEM! Superman has X-ray vision and women can make babies… I don’t know who you’ll pick to win this one but I can tell you now that if the world was about to end and you had one person you could save – being able to see everyone naked won’t help the humankind. But I digress… to make a baby I have to get “fat and gross” because my body needs to grow to accommodate another human. I also need to work out to keep healthy for the sake of said human so you go and workout somewhere else, I came here first!

“Pregnant women should be resting, not kicking pads and lifting weights”

  • I guess this is where your PhD in Health Science trumps my humble opinion…  Wouldn’t “resting” make me more gross and fat? Wouldn’t being unfit after decades of fitness have a negative effect on my health and therefore my baby’s well-being? But what do I know without proper medical education, right?

If you still feel the need to comment on my choice to remain active during my pregnancy after reading the above, please be prepared to say it to my face and please be prepared to be kicked in the head after.

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2 thoughts on ““Training while pregnant – guest post from a Muay Thai Mummy”

  • Sonjia

    Awesome work mama. Having a baby is a physical task so keeping fit through pregnancy is a must do. I am a mother of 2 and personal trainer and was stuck in to everything right up til giving birth! It’s awesome to see more mummy’s out there keeping active and looking after your body!

  • sulin Post author

    Thank-you Sonjia. The Muay Thai mummies are some of the most focused and hardest workers in class. They know that time is precious, and they don’t want to waste it! Am sure the same attitude translates across the fitness industry 🙂

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