Wimbledon Jai – founding trainer

Wimbledon JaiWimbledon Jai


Number one placings in Lumpinee Stadium, 135 pounds and 140 pounds.
Number one placing Rajadamnern Stadium 140 pounds
Number one placing Omnoi Stadium 135 pounds and 140 pounds

Someone tried to beat up Wimbledon Jai. Read about it HERE

Our head trainer Wimbledon Jai started learning Muay Thai at the age 7 after being bullied for being overweight. Read more about his bullying experience HERE. He had his first professional fight after two months of training, and went on to have over 200 professional fights with wins against Buakaw Por. Parmuk (K1 World Max Champion) and Naruepol Fairtex (Contender Asia TV star).

Wimbledon Jai has branched out from being a top fighter to becoming a top trainer with over 15 years of experience. He has trained both professional fighters as well as absolute beginners and has developed high-intensity cardio classes (KIK) targeted at building speed and power using Muay Thai techniques. He has a relaxed and informal teaching style but his keen eye for detail and demand for top-notch technique during training and sparring means that every student will be able to see quick progress. His wealth of ring experience also makes him a great trainer for any fighter who wants to prepare for professional or amateur bouts.

As dad to 13-year-old son Champ, and trainer of several junior champions, Wimbledon Jai enjoys teaching kids Muay Thai for self- defence, fitness and self-discipline. Call us to arrange a free trial session for kids aged 7 and above.

JAI trainers Wimbledon Jai and Chelsea doing some light sparring

Wimbledon kicking pads with JAI trainer Wit

I met Wimbledon three years ago, when I was a portly 91kg with no confidence, self esteem or sense of self worth. 
After 3 months of his training I had dropped 5kg, after 6 I had dropped another six! 
More than that, his skill, passion and personality has shown me that combat sports are not only for big, aggressive or angry people and he has inspired me to try competitive fighting for myself.
Under his tutelage I have so far fought 17 times and won 13 of them and I am much, much happier than I was three years ago.
 Thanks to him, I have quit my job and I am now spending a year learning Muay Thai in Thailand, finding myself and becoming a better, more confident person.
Wimbledon has changed my life for the better in more ways than I could ever thank him for.

You really could not ask for a better trainer. Wimbledon’s training style has its roots in hardcore Thai-style training, but his experience teaching overseas is very evident when watching him work. He is now essentially a hybrid, combining the best parts of both worlds into his own unique style. His upbeat and positive personality, which is inspiring and motivational. He is always pushing for the best from his students. I have a huge amount of respect for Wimbledon.”