Price and costs – memberships from $22.50/week for daily classes

Memberships are available for those wanting to train regularly starting with the price starting at $22.50/ week for daily classes. Membership benefits include ring time with our  trainers as well as access to our daily classes including Thai Boxing, Box-Fit, MMA, Yoga and Pilates and discounted rates on seminars and gear. Casual class rates range from $10 to 15 per session, with discounts for concession cards. We suggest you book a free trial class to get an idea of what goals you have in mind. If you enjoy the class, we can then customise a program and recommend a price and payment structure to suit your goals and budget.

JAI offers casual or concession rates suitable for those who wish to incorporate Thai Boxing with their current fitness regime and monthly and yearly memberships for the hardcore. There are discounts for students and family members.

If you’d like to signup online, enter your details HERE and get ready to start training!

Will I get hurt?

There is less chance of getting seriously injured in a Thai Boxing class here, than playing netball or rugby. To ensure safety and a more fun class, we require new students to start at Kick Start beginners level to learn the basics of kicking and punching safely.  After you have learned these basics, you can progress ahead to Kick Start Level 2 and then the more challenging Kick it Kardio classes. As these are non-sparring classes, injuries are usually limited to an occasional bruise from kicking bags or pads, although your shins will toughen up as you progress in your training. However, if you have not exercised for an extended period or have any injuries, we suggest you consult your doctor and share any concerns you may have with our staff prior to your session.

What should I wear?

Our gym is shoe-free, so leave yours at the door. Wear gear you can move in – shorts and a t-shirt or tank top. if you want to look the part, a selection of Thai Boxing shorts and MMA shorts are available at the Pro Shop, including Jai gear, designed and tested by fighters. Handwraps to protect your knuckles and wrists and a pair of gloves are essential for every class, but if it’s your first time, you can loan a pair from the reception. The Jai Pro Shop stocks a range of gloves, handwraps and training essentials from Fairtex and Twins Special. Any of our trainers or staff can help suit you up with equipment that suits your specific needs. We guarantee you will sweat, so do bring a small towel for your workout and an extra towel if you’d like to have a shower after your workout. Towels and training gear can be hired – just ask at reception.

What can I expect from a class?

Each class has been designed to provide a comprehensive strength, cardio and technical workout through Thai Boxing training. All classes include bag work, pad work and cardio conditioning and every student at every level will receive personal instruction from their trainer. For a more comprehensive explanation of classes, please click HERE.

Why do you have trainers from Thailand?

Thai Boxing is Thailand’s national sport so it is only natural that the Thai trainers and fighters are the best in the world at it. Although the Thais have been practicing Thai Boxing for over 400 years, it is still relatively new in New Zealand. To compensate, many students make the pilgrimage to Thailand to learn true Thai Boxing in camps dedicated purely for Muay Thai.  We have sourced our trainers direct from these camps in Thailand.  They have lived and breathed Thai Boxing from the day they learned to walk. Their careers have been dedicated to a sport, first as competitive fighters, and now as full-time trainers at JAI. Their intimate knowledge of the sports as well as its traditional Thai training methods create an authentic Thai experience that previously was only found in Thailand. We source our staff by visiting training camps in Thailand anonymously and training with as many trainers as possible as a regular student. From there, we select the most passionate, professional and technically sound trainers to teach at JAI.

Our five Thai pro fighters/trainers have 1,300 pro fights and over 120 years of full-time teaching and fighting experience between them.



Is it okay if I have never done any Thai Boxing before?

No problem! 90 % of our students came to us as complete beginners, including most of our current fighters. Our Kick Start Level 1 sessions are designed with complete newbies in mind. Box-Fit also provides a challenging strength and fitness-focused workout for all levels.  Or if you prefer, you can start with one-on-one personal training sessions, which will give you the good foundations to get more out of classes.. Simply call or e-mail us to sort out a training time to suit your schedule.

What results can I expect?

Thai Boxing can burn up to 800 calories per session – more than twice the amount of your average aerobics class. The high-intensity, explosive and fast movements we use mean you gain strength, shed fat and tone up fast without gaining too much bulk. All the movements are designed to be practical, making them an extremely effective form of self-defence. Regular pad work or sparring will also improve your reaction speeds and enhance your performance in other sports.

Is Thai Boxing an effective form of stress release?

Our students often comment that punching and hitting bags and pads helps them to release built up tension and frustration caused by a hectic work schedule and sitting in front of a computer all day. The act of hitting an inanimate object like a bag or pad has a cathartic effect, leaving students feeling more relaxed, at peace and mentally alert than any flashy treatment in a day spa would.

How often should I train?

It depends on your time and goals, but we recommend at least twice a week, in order to gain noticeable improvements in technique and fitness goals. Those preparing for a fight can expect to train at least five hours a week.

If you do other forms of exercise, you can incorporate Thai Boxing into your fitness regime. Regular Thai Boxing training can enhance your performance at any other sport by improving your fitness level, explosive power and reaction times.

Am I expected to fight?

Not at all. About 80% of our students have no plans to ever step into the ring. Students who wish to fight or spar must first seek approval from a trainer who will decide whether they are ready depending on their skill level. Unsupervised sparring between students is not allowed, unless they are given prior authorization from a staff member. Students who wish to train at a more competitive level may request more intensive training or fight training.

How long before I can compete?

It depends on how fast you learn and how often you train, but we do not usually start matching students for a fight until they have had at least six months of regular training. This is usually the minimum amount of time required to ensure they have the skills to compete safely in the ring. Only when we believe they are strong and technical enough to be able to confidently defend themselves in the ring with grace. Fight preperation also requires following a strict nutrition and training schedule. We require our students to be able to dedicate at least five hours a week to training in the weeks leading up to a fight.

Do I need to wear protective gear?

Yes, if you plan on sparring. Shin guards, 16oz sparring gloves, a mouthguard and groin guard (for guys) are required  and available for purchase.

Can I just watch first?

Sure! However, the best way to get an idea if Muay Thai is for you is to book a free trial. Check with us first to see when we have confirmed classes running.

Will training make my kids violent?

When taught the traditional Thai way, students often find that Thai Boxing helps them to control aggression and their temper and help kids become calmer and learn self-discipline. Integral to the philosophy of Muay Thai is being able to control aggression, and leave it where it belongs – in the ring. Talk to our staff about how your child can benefit from Thai Boxing training. Currently, our Kick Butt kids classes run on Wednesday afternoons at 4.15pm. If you are unsure if your child should join the kid’s or adult’s session, have a chat with us first.  If you have a child who is younger than seven or a group of children – talk to us about booking in a private training session for them at a time that suits. We can arrange children’s group sessions to take place at the same time as adult’s training, or you can book a private session to train together with your kids.

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