Memberships (Wellington)

Memberships are available for those wanting to train regularly starting with the price starting at $22.50/ week for daily classes or $20/week for two classes per week. Membership benefits include access to a choice of over 40 classes a week including Thai Boxing, Box-Fit, Muay Fit, Boxing, Fighter’s sparring, Technique classes and beginners Kick Start classes and discounted rates on seminars and gear.

View our full membership list HERE for Wellington

View our full membership list HERE for Auckland

Your membership starts the following day, or you can delay the start date by calling 0800 481 0400 and quoting your Membership Reference number.

With over 40 classes a week to choose from, classes from Monday to Sunday, and one-on-one personal training available seven days, you have no excuse not to train!

We offer casual classes and concession passes (5, 10 and 20 trips) for those who’d like to train casually. These have no contracts and are suitable for people who are training casually and as a form of cross-training to other sports or fitness regimes.

We also do special packages for corporate groups, families, sporting teams and Personalised Training-focused training. Please contact to come up with a personalised membership.

Make a commitment to your health by making exercise and fitness a priority in your life. Whether it’s a martial art, sport or simply just running or walking or cycling to work, your body will feel better for it!

For any questions regarding memberships, please contact JAI on or 04-8019191.

For any questions regarding membership payments, please contact Debit Success on 0800 481 0400






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