Gym Rules

We don’t mean to nag but… in the interests of your fellow nak muays, here are some gym rules to stay safe and strong while training!

Towel off. A small towel to wipe down the bags, yourself, that pool of sweat you’re standing in, is compulsory. If you’ve forgotten yours, please hire one from reception. If you spot your (or someone else’s) blood on the floor or equipment, grab some anti-bacteria wipes from us.

Clothes on. What you wear during training is up to you. What you don’t wear however, is a subject of contention. Guys, we know you’ve worked hard, but keep your tops on during class please – give that 6-pack some exposure at the beach.

Shoes off. Anywhere outside of the lounge area is strictly a shoe-free zone. We work hard to keep our mats clean.

Lockers. Please put away your bags before class, so some clumsy staff member doesn’t trip over your gear.

Hygiene. Sharing handwraps and gloves are like slipping into somebody else’s socks and shoes. We’re happy to loan you ours for the first three sessions, but we hope you’ll invest in your own after you decide if you’d like to continue training with us. Otherwise we’ll set aside some communal rental gloves and wraps .

Gear. Put. It. Away. After. Use. This includes Thai pads, kettlebells, loan gloves and shinguards and your own personal gear. Your trainers are less grumpy when they are not picking up your handwraps, used plasters, soggy singlets and half-full drink bottles after you. Take all personal gear, including your own gloves home to air, and keep our gym smelling and looking good.

Share our space. While we are happy for our members to work on the bags before or after class, priority has to go to classes currently taking place. If it is particularly crowded, please make room for students participating in class. We have a small designated stretch area (gray mats) which you can use for your warm down. Or you can continue your conversation in the reception area. If you really have to pass out from exhaustion after class, please roll your body into the stretching area, where people are less likely to trip over you.

Here are some rules for students who wish to spar. Students who fail to abide by the rules will not be permitted to attend sparring and Kick Tech sessions.

Sparring requirements
All Students who wish to spar must first be granted approval by a member of staff

Short and sweet. Keep your finger and toenails short and clean for pleasant clinch work and sparring. Toe jam in your face is rude. Getting an infection from a cut from an overgrown toe or fingernail is plain unacceptable.

Size does matter. Twins Special 16oz gloves or above are essential for sparring and contact drill work. It is a courtesy to your partner as the smaller the glove, the harder the impact. Twins Special is the standard we use as they are not too compact – if you have another brand, they must be approved by our trainers before sparring. If your gloves are well-loved and most of the stuffing has been warn out, it may be time to invest in a new pair. Rent a pair for $3/ session or buy your own. 16oz leather gloves start at $135 (velcro) $120 (lace-up) and are available from the pro shop.

Velcro burn. It’s actually more painful than it sounds. Loose velcro on your gloves can leave nasty burns on your partner’s face and neck. Secure the velcro on your glove properly so it doesn’t create embarrassing marks on your buddies’ neck when you go in for the clinch. Or alternatively, use lace-up gloves for sparring.

Mouth off. A cut lip may look cool to some, but few people look good with missing teeth. Wear yours during contact sparring or pad work, to avoid unnecessary bleeding caused by flying pads, fists and elbows.

Groin protection. In the flurry and excitement of sparring, accidents do happen. Wearing groin protection can prevent red faces and make for a less nerve-racking sparring experience. While we won’t be conducting spot checks, we highly recommend you invest in a box, or cup to protect your assets. We have traditional Thai-style steel cups and NZ Boxer steel groin guards available from the Pro Shop. Please remember that your groin guard must be made of steel if you are competing as plastic cracks (ouch!) and yes, the ref WILL check. Chest guards are also available for the ladies.

Control your power. OK Superman, sparring is not the place to show off your super-human strength. We spar at anything from 40 – 70% intensity depending on the size / skill level of your opponent. Knocking your partner’s head off won’t solve anything – especially the fact that you’ll find it hard to find anyone to partner up with in the future.

    Simplified version of putting on Hand Wraps